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Our Services

Integrated Pain and Rehabilitation Management

Live Blood Analysis   MORE

• Live and Dry Blood Scans - Identifies; parasites, bacteria's, viruses, fungus, inflammation, metal toxicity, colon toxicity, aggregated stress, dehydration or heart conditions.

• Microscopic Nutrition - Test for food allergies, hydration levels, high cholesterol, improper proteins, improper fats, acidic acids, high dairy count, vitamin count and plasma/ terrain flow.

• Full or Partial Blood Panels- Test for hormone levels, thyroid imbalances, HPV, HIV, STD's, indoor/outdoor allergies, pre/post menopause and specific types of metals or chemicals.

• Photo Labs- Photo Medicine prior to Live Blood analysis to charge up the cells for best read under the microscope.

• Divinity Testing- Mind and Body functions through our meridian system

Photomedicine Therapy (PMT)   MORE

• Photon Light penetrates deep into tissue to accelerate cellular reproduction and growth

• Stimulates collagen blocks to promote healing of wounds, tissue and nerves

• Reduces inflammation to relieve chronic or acute musculoskeletal system pain

• Safe and non-invasive alternative to "drug and surgery" treatments

Body Image & Body Sculpting

• T-Zone oscillation device

• Quantum movement

• Contour stubborn pockets of fat

• Increases metabolism with the creation of muscle mass

Detox & Weight Management   MORE

• Liver Cleanse (herbal extracts)

• Chelation Therapy (detox of mineral build up and metal poisons from the bloodstream)

• Metabolic Homeostasis (use of LLLPT realigns digestive behavioral health habits)

• Acupuncture / Auricular Acupressure combines to treat Obesity

• Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements (Education and Counseling)

Regenerative Medicine   MORE

• Anti-Oxidant and Other Detoxification Therapies (Vit C, Glutathione IV Hydration)

• Anti-aging and Cell Regeneration Therapy (Microneedling, Exosomes, PRP)

Integrated Alternative Medicine

• Custom IV Therapies

• Chelation Therapy

• Oxidative Stress Therapy

Mobile Medical Massage   MORE

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology with a Luxurious Back Scrub and Essential Oil Halo Scalp Treatment & More..

LUZwave provids an integrated solution in mind-body Wellness.