Quantum Education & Movement

Quantum Education & Movement

This is a unique wave of learning. We focus on classes the internally heal the body through sacred movement, awareness with holistic approaches and creating an environment to protect our electric magnetic field. We choose topics in the holistic field to better educate those to build a strong immunity with herbs, light, vibration and other healing modalities of sacred and energetic movement.

Some Examples of classes:
Kundalini rising is a class you learn to move in sacred geometry which unlocks the keys to the universe that internally flow inside us. For instance, moving in a figure 8 is the universal pattern of the infinity sign to connect you to everything cosmic then continue to keep that energy flowing. Infinity is universal love energy. The silhouette in the center of the solar system and solar plexus allows the sun to burn bright connecting this bridge to the heart chakra and our solar plexus system. These ancient movements allow you to heal your internal organs while you open up the space in your joints to get full flexibility and fluidity throughout the whole body.

Water 101 is the wave of life. We dive deep into what is going on inside our water database and teach those from each zip code what is inside their waters. The allows an up to date database that shows all the contaminants, toxins and pollution that is cancer causing to our cells. We offer solutions with our different shower and home base units that can allow you to bath in alkalized mineral water as if you were in a hot spring from our natural earth. We teach how our in home alkalized system can allow us to become hydrated drinking live structured water, the difference between alkaline water and alkalized water, eliminate house hold cleaning products, hydrate the skin with beauty toner water, clean pesticides off our fruits and vegetables, clean blood out of carpets, urine from our animals out of carpets along with whitening them and cook with the cleanest source hydration. This class admits you into a water tribe and community that takes the mind, body and spirit to a whole new level.

Sound Baths are a unique experience to vibrate the soul into a peaceful and meditative state. We use crystal bowls, hand-pans, digeridoos and selected instruments to create a vibration that will allow the cells to heal from stress along with creating a force field around the cell protecting them from viruses. How would we know this? We have tested group members under a dark field microscope to see how illuminating this process is in those that join weekly sound baths. These soothing sounds rebalance your nervous system, helps with anxiety and ease the mind of too much chatter.

Book Club is one of our best programs in studying the most profound words. We learn about Word Magic and how words are spells, that's why they call it spelling. Together we study book of enlightenment, sciences and how holistic approaches are compared to medical approaches to give everyone options on what works best for their lifestyle, wealth in their health and spiritual worth.

LUZwave provids an integrated solution in mind-body Wellness.