Photomedicine Therapy (PMT)

Photomedicine Therapy, also known as Photobiomodulation (PBM), incorporates Low-Level Light Therapies (LLLT) by applying red and near infra-red light to wounds, lesions, or subcutaneous injuries to support soft tissue healing, and reduce inflammation. Photomedicine Therapy also provides relief to acute and chronic pain, and aids in anti-aging care.

With the LUZwave Photomedicine Therapy, unique and special proprietary lasers are used by technicians and placed directly over injured areas to assist in tissue regeneration. During this process, billions of non-thermal photons of light are radiated from the lasers and pass through various layers of the skin to reach deep into tissue structures.

The laser light is then absorbed by the proteins in the mitochondria and interacts with the elements in the cell that are light sensitive.

The cell then absorbs this light and begins a series of events that transform the light energy into chemical or physical energy in order to normalize damaged tissue.

Since LUZwave lasers use a wavelength range that is non-thermal, Photomedicine Therapy provides an extremely safe and non-invasive alternative to drug and surgery treatments, without the risk of complications.

The experienced practitioners at LUZwave also recognize that improving overall structures and systems within the body lends itself to better pain management, mobility, recovery, and overall health.

Research has shown that excess fat can not only contribute to musculoskeletal pain and cause inflammation but can also deteriorate physical ability and health-related quality of life.

As such, LUZwave has combined the cutting-edge technology of Photomedicine Therapy with acupuncture to assist in weight management.

LUZwave provids an integrated solution in mind-body Wellness.