Holistic Health Hub

Holistic Health Hub

This is our private community of holistic wealth in our health club members. We have build a community of people who love to do spiritual and community retreats, take quantum movement classes, weekly workshops as well as study amazing topics together. We have a list of licensed specialist that take grand pride in bringing their gifts from all over the world to share as we compare knowledge from sources all over the globe. Here are some of the topics we offer:

• Water 101• Education of chemicals in our water and solutions to keep clean mineral alkalized house hold systems

• Bio Mechanical Stimulation • Physical training and education on the science of how the astronauts trained before going into zero gravity. Build bone density, flexibility and knock the fat right off you with accelerated training.

• Wellness Polls • Learn what works best for different body styles with holistic approaches vs medical approaches.

• Book club • We study books of science, word awareness, sovereignty, wealth in our health and enlightenment.

• Nutrition Vs Diet • What it takes to maintain a nutritious lifestyle vs a daily diet.

• Word Magic • We study words together that bring awareness to our psyche. Words are spells, that's why its called spelling.

• Elixir Fixers • Learn about herbology and what herb heals what aliments.

• Holistic Health Tips • Health awareness on how to protect yourself from toxic chemicals in products, environment and water waste.

• Kundalini Rising • Sacred geometry movement on how to heal your body organs and joints.

• Daily Challenges • Group challenges that help build internal health along with making friends all over the world.

• Mermaid Training • Learn to undulate and move like a mermaid. Then have underwater adventures with our mermaid retreats.

• Gia Life • Learn how to protect yourself form 5G radiation.

• Vegan Kitchen • Learn and cook amazing vegan dishes.

• Feature Spotlight • We give thanks by focusing on our teachers and what they have to offer.

• Product Awareness • Learn what holistic health products are right for you.

• Spirit Science • a balance between spiritual studies and the science that we are aware of.

• Booty Building Bootcamp • Build that bootyful bottom with our band and exercise class.

• Mixed Martial Art Movement • Learn martial art movement with no contact and build your core.

LUZwave provids an integrated solution in mind-body Wellness.